Train according to your GenBluePrint to become better at your sport.


You are born with a natural talent for certain sports. For example, you may be a sprinter or a long-distance runner. RIGHT NOW it is possible to determine how you are wired in a very easy way. With the results of the various tests, it is possible to get a personal plan for your nutrition and training.  Because that natural talent is secured in your genes, it makes more sense to train according to your GenBluePrint. A marathon runner eats and trains differently than a sprinter.


NEOBODIES divides the natural qualities of a person in three different ways:


Hunter | Survivor | Warrior


Do the GenBluePrint test. Than start by choosing the Basic Training in the shop. After a few days we wil mail your Personal GenBluePrint Pdf from which you can start to train and eat according to the most natural way.  


Together, we will make it possible to become better, faster and stronger at your own sport.