How are we going to help you become the best version “ME”.


Our home-training videos are available for download in our shop.

By using the UNPLUGGING videos, we are going to teach you how to breathe better and to relax, the first steps to a new ‘ME’.

When you have created an account on the UNPLUGGING page you will be automatically linked to our AppCoach. This is our WhatsApp service that sends you advice, tips or motivational texts a few times per week.


The UNPLUGGING program doesn’t work with coaches, but with experts and trainers.

Our team consists of various experts that have their own specialization.

As a team, we can help you reach your goals faster.

The most important chapter is BREATHING, and with this in mind we can enable you to feel at your best.

In order to get a better picture of what you should eat, it is wise to do the GenBluePrint.

You can order this through our shop. In your account you can enter the GenBluePrint questionaire. Finally all the information will be reinforced with body tests to get a clearer image of you and your body.

When you want to exercise or train, the information from the GenBluePrint is very important. Every human being is constructed differently and has different proportions of natural talent that correspond to specific training modes.


How does our body work? There are a couple of tests at the TOOLS page, that will give you information about how your body functions.


Our team consists of the following experts:

Mirjam Zwart - Zaandam


Michael Aberkrom - Zaandam


Amar Rambocus - Utrecht


Ben jij degene die ons kunt versterken? We staan altijd open voor een gesprek.