Drink... WATER

After breathing, replenishing our body with water is the most essential part of taking care of our body. 75% of our body consists of water. We can practically live only a few days without water. That is why it’s so important to constantly provide our body with fresh water, and it’s also important to maintain our water level.

You should drink at least a couple of liters of water to maintain a healthy level.

Water is water.

Water is not tea, coffee or other liquids.

Because many people have wrong perceptions of the qualities of drinks other than water, they face a chronic water deficit.

Low moisture levels in the body result in decreased supply of nutrients and decreased discharge of waste. This often results in stiff and painful muscles.

Body functions and brain functions can decrease up to 25% when you do not drink enough water every day.

Then, when you increase your water level you might feel significantly more fit, smart and slim.