We all live a fast life and our agendas are always filled.

This is a luxury position we never seem to get out of.

Many people feel as if they could use a couple of extra hours every day.

We mostly have too little time for ourselves (ME-time) and relaxation.

Everyone has their own ideas of what relaxation is for the body and specifically the mind.

In our busy schedules, we should have room to do NIX (nothing) or to breathe.

The topic of breathing has been discussed in step 1.

Breathing is part of the CHILL. Relaxation (CHILL) is more important than activity (MOVE).

When you feel like you can’t relax it is not advisable to perform high levels of activity at once.

Activity like yoga, exercising and training could then cause no or even a wrong effect on your established goal.



That’s why it is important to learn how to relax and breathe before you go all out with your exercises.

Some examples of relaxation:



·      YOGA

·      Breathing techniques